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Our Fish

Fresh & Saltwater Fish

At My Fish Tank we carry some of the most unique and unusual Fresh & Saltwater Fish available on Vancouver Island.


Rummy nose tetra

Cardinal tetra

Serpae tetra

Pristella tetra

Rosy tetra

Black neon tetra

Neon tetra

Blood fin tetra

Congo tetra

Kitty tetra

Red belly tetra

Ember tetra

lemon tetra

black phantom

silver tips tetra


Torpedo barb

Gold Barb

Rosy Barb

Tiger Barb

Cherry barb

Gold Fish

Calico ryukin

Red oranda

Red and white ranchu

Black phantom

Red cap oranda

Butterfly Koi

Koi fish

Live bearers




Sword tails

Honey dwarf gouramy

Turquoise gouramy

Royal gouramy

Sparkling gouramy

Kissing gouramy


Black ghost kife



African and south american Cichlids


Angel fish

Bala Shark 

Rainbow Shark

Silver Dollars


Clown Loach

Yoyo loach

Khulli loach

Botia kubotai

Zebra Danio

Rili Shimp

Pepper cory

Bronce cory

Sterbai cory

Panda cory

Rope fish

Aquatic dwarf frog

Salt Water

Coral beauty Angel 

Copper banded butterfly

Green mandarin Goby

Blue face Trigger

Yellow Tang

Purple flame Goby

Spotted Hog fish

Percula Clown

Tomato Clown

Black and white heniochus

Yellow Angel

Powder Brown Tang

Lipstick Tang

Raffles Butterfly

Checkered Butterfly

Sail fin Tang 

Blue side Fairy Wrasse

Peacock wrasse

Saddle back Butterfly

Lineatus Tang

Blue Koran Angel

Auriga butterfly

Yellow long nose Butterfly

Maroon Clown

Purple flame Goby

Black long spine sea Urchin

Orange Skunk Shrimp

Nassarius Snail 

Blue Tang

LT Anemones

Green bulb Anemones

Orange tipped bulb Anemone

Green carpet Anemone

Red bulb Anemone

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